Butterfly Knife


So. Butterfly Knife. Also Butterfly Knife Brownknown as Ballisong Knife. Also known as Fan Knife. Also known as “Every bad guy in every movie knows at least one trick with it” knife.

Also you’ve probably seen it on Counter Strike GO. Also you’ve probably seen Angelina Jolie doing tricks with it.

It’s quite popular.

It originally came from Philippines, from Tegalog region, and it was used as a pocket utility/self-defence knife.

Nowadays the blade is illegal in the Philippines, and in many other countries, and the main reason for that is the blade of the knife. It’s long, and it’s supposed to be razor sharp, so there’s a big risk of serious/lethal injuries.

That’s what makes it cool though. Don’t let The Man take you down.

Butterfly knife types

Actually, there are not so muchButterfly Knife Steel types though. You can get them in a variety of different handles, and maybe the blade size differs, but the knife itself always looks the same.

What makes it unique is its two separate handles, and a blade, rotating around a tang.

When the knife is folded, the blade is concealed between two grooves in the handles. The simple mechanism makes this knife easy to make, but the materials have to be top quality, especially the pins/screws that hold the handles and the blade in place.

Handles are usually made of metal. What we like about this knife is that it has no springs in its mechanism. Because in every knife ever made, the spring is going to give out on you eventually. And this knife, with proper care will last you forever.

Butterfly knife tricks

That’s what you really want to Butterfly Knife Tricsknow, right? That’s why you really came here. You don’t care about history. You don’t care about handles, or mechanisms or any of that crap. You came here to find out about tricks.

Well, lucky for you, I came here for that too.

So, there’s probably a million different tricks when it comes to the Butterfly knife. There’s different tricks for opening/closing the blade, for flinging the blade around, different grips, and so much more. Check out some of the best tricks here:


Damn, this knife is cool. Let’s face it. This blade is f***ing awesome!!

Just looking at different tricks, it makes me want to grab that old butterfly knife I own, and do some of them myself.

Then of course I would injure myself, would have to call a hospital, cry like a bitch on the way there, and probably end up with two or three stitches.

But that’s not the point.

It looks cool, and it’s quite easy to master the beginner level tricks, so you can look cool too. Of course, safety first, so more advanced tricks should be practiced with a safe knife, that has a blunt plastic blade. These are called trainer knifes. They are fairly cheap, and it’s an awesome way to learn new tricks, so be sure to check them out.

Buying tips

Okay, let’s get you set upButterfly Knife CS GO with some of the best butterfly knifes out there.

1. Budget. How much you should spend? Well, that depends.

If you’re just starting the knife trick game, you probably don’t need a knife that’s very expensive, because you will be dropping that thing on the ground a lot. Invest about 20 bucks and you should be fine.

2. Legal issues. It is a knife, that is illegal in almost every major country, with only few exceptions. Don’t get yourself in jail for a few knife tricks, get yourself a training knife instead. I’m serious about this, guys. Be careful. Cops don’t like Butterfly knives.

3. Other uses, besides doing tricks and killing people. Well, this blade is not suitable for throwing, but I guess it can be used for camping, if the blade is sharp enough. In this case, like always, be sure to get yourself a knife that has some bright colours, so it does not get lost in tall grass and such.

Okay, I guess I shouldn’t be wasting any more of your time. You want to learn cool tricks??

You want to be able to impress your mother with those tricks??

You want to meet a hot girl??

You want to move out of your parent’s basement, get a life, find a job and prosper in life??

Butterfly knife is the answer to all your problems!!!


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