Buying recommendations


Here are some affiliate links to products that we recommend.

Survival/Hunting knife

Bright coloured, comes with a fire starter kit and a whistle. Every survivor must own this bad boy. Made by Gerber: HERE

Simple design, awesome quality.  For all you old-school fans. Made by Buck Knives: HERE

Handmade Damascus steel hunting knife. Do yourself a favour and own this amazing piece of work, for a very reasonable price: HERE

If you prefer a smaller size, check out this awesome blade. Made by Kershaw: HERE

For all you hunters out there. Hunters skinning knife. Made by Buck Knives: HERE

Another one, not so big, but still packs a punch. Made by SOG: HERE

LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) used to issue these for their officers. Made by Smith & Wesson: HERE

Throwing knives

For starters, consider buying something bright so you don’t lose them after your first throw. Made by Ninja Tactical: HERE

Can you handle knives that were made by the same company that makes firearms? I think you can. Made by Smith & Wesson: HERE

Check out these babies. They were hard cased, means they’re not going to break on you. In SOG we trust: HERE

You think one blade is not enough? How about two? Three? No? How about six? We got your back, you maniac. Made by Rogue River: HERE

This knife is the exact replica of the knife used in the movie Expendables. And every other movie ever. Still, it’s made by United Cutlery, so the quality is awesome: HERE


Interesting build – Karambit and Tanto knife mash up. Definitely worth having in your collection. Made by Smith & Wesson: HERE

Good quality, reasonable price. Comes with a carrying sheath. Made by United Cutlery : HERE

Awesome design, rough build. Made by Mantis: HERE

Handmade! Wooden handle! Damascus steel blade!! What are you waiting for??? HERE

Bowie Knife

Damascus steel blade, exotic wood handle, brass spacers – this is the Chuck Norris of all the Bowie knives. Do yourself a favour.  Made by Poshland Knives: HERE

This is the standard issue U.S. Marine Corps fighting knife. For all you army guys, we got you. Made by KA-BAR: HERE

Another bad boy we love. And James Bowie would love this one, too. Another masterpiece by Poshland Knives: HERE

If you own this one, you’re almost guaranteed to feel your balls turn to steel. Made by Perkin Knives: HERE

Rubberized aluminum handle (yes, may not be our favourite), but a very good price for a blade like this. Smith & Wesson has your back: HERE