Hunting/Survival Knives


It’s almost impossible to pin Hunting Knife Wooden Handlepoint the exact date when people began to use knives for hunting and surviving in the wilderness.

I guess back in the day, when a man was chilling under the tree, and a dinosaur came by trying to kill him, he found a sharp rock and showed the dinosaur who’s the boss…

That had to be the start of it.

Yeah. Let’s leave it at that.

Of course, as the man evolved, so did the knives. Form stone they turned to metal, from blunt they turned to sharp and so on.

Nowadays, hunting and survival knives are used daily by all kinds of people all over the world. From armies to survivalists, everyone has a knife in their survival bag, and they don’t go into the wild lands without it.

Types of Survival / Hunting knives

Were to begin?

At this point, we are talking about basically everything from a Swiss pocket knife to the standard issue U.S. military knife. There is a lot to choose from.

Basically, what classifies as a hunting/survival knife is any size blade, which is Hunting Knife Simpleused primarily not for fighting/killing, but for anything you can think of in the wild.

For example, cutting down brushes or tree branches, sharpening wooden sticks, chopping something, gutting hunted down animals, etc.

Unless you think that a survival knife is used to kill zombies. Then you can kill zombies.

They come in all shapes and sizes – you can use a pocket knife that has a blade the size of your little finger. Or you can have a knife that looks more like a machete. It really all depends on what you are trying to do.


I’ve covered some of it in theHunting Knife / Survival Knife previous section, but like I’ve said – the possibilities are endless.

Hunters and survivalists tend to own a bunch of different size knives, but mostly they chose bigger ones, and try to stay away from pocket-sized ones.

They do that because bigger knives are usually made from tougher materials, the metal is better quality, and they don’t have a lot of moving parts. Because when you’re in the wild lands, you don’t want a knife that’s going to break easily.

Every hunting/survival knife is as good as the owner. You treat it with respect, and it can be the most reliable tool you will ever own.

If you try to split a stone in half using your knife, it probably will not serve you long.

Check out this guy from Australia (world’s capital of wild lands and creatures that are trying to kill you) talking about many uses of survival knife, it’s really good:

Buying Recommendations

Like always, first you should ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Where am I going to use my knife? In the woods? In the desert? In the water? Does it have to be bright in colour, so it does not get lost easily? Maybe it’s better to have one in camo pattern?

2. What will the primarySurvival Knife Axe function of my knife will be? Will I be using it to gut hunted game? Will I be cutting through a lot of bushes/branches? Do I need it for general camping?

This depends mostly for the size and sharpness of the blade you need.

If you’re going to be using it mostly for meat cutting, you need a very sharp knife, but probably don’t need one that looks like a blade they use in The Walking Dead.

For general camping need a pocket knife probably will do. For jungle-type areas it’s better to choose a huge survival knife with a stronger and wider blade.

3. Budget. The never ending question.

How much do I want to spend? How much do I need to spend, so the knife won’t break on me?

Well, I’ll tell you this – good knives don’t come cheap. I’m talking about setting aside at least 50 dollars for an intermediate blade.

The price shoots up to the infinity from there. I really don’t recommend Chinese made knives. You’re better off choosing from European or American made brands.

Damascus steel is also a must for a good knife. Wooden handle (natural wooden grip, not cheap artificial stuff) is better for sweaty hands – it soaks up the sweat better, so the knife is not that slippery. Of course, that’s another extra to the cost.

The choice is yours. But remember – you may rely your life on this knife one day, are you sure you want to save money on this one?


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