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Karambit (kurambik , karambiak) isKarambit Knife Original avery popular knife, that originated from Southeast Asia.

There’s some controversy, as where it originated from specifically, though most probable places of origin are Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Karambit as we know it now may originated from the countries listed above, but curved blade, which later became the Karambit, actually goes back to the native people of West Sumatra

These people were very nature – oriented people. They watched nature around them and adopted many of its aspects in everyday use. The good people of West Sumatra made the blade curved, because it resembles the claw of the tiger. Tiger strikes fast, it’s fierce, and most of all – it’s deadly.

Later, people made a few different fighting styles using the Karambit, but they all still resemble te attack of the tiger – every attack is fast, precise, and deadly.

Types of Karambit

Karambit does not have a lot of different variations. It’s usually a fixed blade, only the size differs. Traditional Karambit Knife 2Karambits were used mainly for two purposes – gutting hunted animals (shorter Karambits were used) and fighting (longer Karambits were used).

The grip is always the same – every Karambit knife has a metal ring at the end of the grip. That metal ring goes on a person’s index finger, and the blade itself is held downside. That minimises the stabbing movements with the Karambit, but allows for more powerful and faster slashes and cuts.

Check out the video on YouTube, it shows just how deadly Karambit slashing really is:

In modern day, Karambits are very popular. So, there’s a lot of different variations. You can buy not only a fixed blade Karambit, but a folding Karambit, butterfly Karambit, or even a Karambit with two rings, instead of one.

Fighting style

Because Karambit knife originates from the Philippines, it was adopted by the local martial art, called Eskrima (Kali, Arnis). Eskrima mainly focuses on fixed blade fighting, and is considered one of the deadliest maKarambit Knife Fightingrtial arts ever invented.

It’s illegal in many countries to teach and use Eskrima fighting style.

So as you can imagine, of you combine the deadliest martial art with one of the deadliest knives ever made, the result is devastating. Nevertheless, one must be ready to kill or seriously injure an opponent, because results of Eskrima fighting are not like your average bar fight – the risk of killing your opponent is real.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In modern day, many martial artists adopt the Karambit (Karambiak) in their fighting techniques, though they never classify it as the separate fighting style. You can check out one of the best Karambit users today, Doug Marcaida, and see for yourself:

Buying recommendations

It’s useful to get familiar with the blade before you decide you want to buy it. Also, ask yourself some questions first:

1. What do you need itKarambit Knife Tools for? Is it for a collection? Self-defence? Fun?

Whatever the reason, is the Karambit really the best option? Have you checked out any other knife types?

2. How much money can you spend? You will NOT get a decent Karambit for 10 dollars. If you think you will, well, too bad, because you won’t. Get over it. Make your budget at least 30 dollars, if you want to get an entry-level Karambit.

Usually, a good Karambit is around 50-70 dollars.

3. Is it legal in your country? Every country treats Karambits (Karambiaks) as weapons, and it may not be legal in your country. In some countries, you can only get a Karambit of the specific size.

Check your local gun regulations before buying. Else you are risking making trouble with the law enforcement, or the customs.


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