Self-defence against knife attacks

First of allKnife Defense

Okay guys, let’s get serious for a minute.

We all love knives, most of you probably are knife collectors and enthusiasts just like we are. But none of us would like to face a guy, who’s pointing a sharp blade at us. So we decided to make a post about a possible self defence against knife attacks.

Of course, we would like to point out, that we are NOT experts in self defence – we might get our asses kicked by a twelve year old girl some day.

This is more speculation, and philosophical post. Don’t think you will be the next Chuck Norris after reading this. Okay? We cool?

All right, moving on.

Some facts about knife attacks

Almost 70% of all knife attacks usually start with an empty hand, while the knife is held in the opposite hand. That means, that a guy will probably try to hit you in the face with his left hand first, and only then will try to slash your guts out using his right hand that has a knife in it.

The empty hand can also be used for grabbing, trying to get you closer to the blade.

All knife attacks happen at close range, unless you’re facing some sort of knife throwing ninja. But in that case, you’re cooked anyway, so let’s assume that you’re facing just a regular guy with a knife.

Successful knife attacks happen in 3 feet radius or closer. So the further away you are, the better your chances are of surviving.

Knife attacks are fast and crazy. Most guys who are crazy enough to use a knife in a fight, are also crazy enough to go “all the way”. That means that if you see someone trying to get to you with a blade, be sure that the attack will not stop after the first hit.

The attacker already ruled out all the “safer” options to kick your ass – he chose a knife. That means that he does not care how bad you will end up hurt. And that means that he will use all his speed, strength and fear to cut you to pieces.

Talk about good news huh?

Knife attacks don’t last that long. Some experts actually have done the math, and the average knife attack time is 23 seconds. Doesn’t seem like much, right?


For example. Take your best knife. Buy a steak or some other piece of meat (preferably that’s been dead already). Set your timer for 23 seconds and start stabbing as fast and as strong as you can. Then, after 23 seconds, I can almost guarantee that you will have destroyed that poor piece of meat.

Now imagine that happening to your throat in the exact same time.

Average knife attack has five to ten stabs from different angles.

That’s just more bad news for you. One stab wound is bad enough, and here we are talking about five or even ten of them!

Chances of survival are considered slim at best.

Surviving/escaping knife attack

Okay, now that we got you pretty scared, let’s talk about actually surviving this stuff. There are some basic principles that will make your chances of surviving better.

So let’s take a look at them.

Situation awareness. Well, this one is pretty basic stuff.

Don’t go into the dark alleys at night. Avoid dodgy places/dodgy guys. If you’re standing outside the club, and you see a guy with crazy eyes looking your way, better move back inside a crowd, or somewhere safer. There’s no need to pretend a hero.

Heroes are smart, and smart people don’t get into fights with crazy lunatics who have knives.

Knife awareness. This one is a little bit trickier.

The point is to notice a knife before it lands in between your ribs. That means, that if you’re in an argument with a guy, and you see him grab something in his pocket, always consider the worst. As soon as he reaches to grab something, imagine that there’s a knife in his pocket.

Now you have two options.

One: hit him in a face hard, and hope that you will be faster than him, or two: back away if you can. Remember, knife attacks are all about the distance, so more distance means more chances for you.

Compliance. When nothing else works.

Maybe the asshole does not want to kill you. Maybe he’s just some dopehead, trying to take your phone. Try to push the panic down, and find out what the attacker wants. If it’s just your wallet/phone/etc, give it to him.

Most of those guys will not risk going to prison for life for some lousy 50 bucks and a smartphone.  And remember – you can always buy a new phone, but you will not be able to buy a new life.

Don’t get yourself involved if you have the chance to stay safe. Unless you’re some sort of Special Forces guy, then by all means, smash the prick’s teeth out.

Weapons. The preferred option to the answer “what would you do if a guy comes at you with a knife?”. If you’re the right age to own any self defence weapons, that are legal in your country, consider owning at least couple of them. And I’m not talking only about handguns.

Pepper spray is legal in almost every country around the world, and is quite effective.  Taser guns can make a guy shit his pants in seconds too.  My point is, find out what’s legal in your country, and start carrying it. You can never be too safe.

Okay guys, I guess this is our advise to you. Try to stay safe, try to stay away from freaks with knives as much as you can. If the situation calls for it, spray that bastard with some pepper spray, or shock him with a taser.

Don’t hesitate, because the attacker won’t.

This is a bit different post than the rest, but we believe that everybody should feel safe. World is full of bad crazy shit as it is..

We don’t need you guys getting stabbed as well. We also checked out some good self defence options for you to consider.

Stay safe.


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