Hunting/Survival Knives


It’s almost impossible to pin Hunting Knife Wooden Handlepoint the exact date when people began to use knives for hunting and surviving in the wilderness.

I guess back in the day, when a man was chilling under the tree, and a dinosaur came by trying to kill him, he found a sharp rock and showed the dinosaur who’s the boss… Continue reading “Hunting/Survival Knives”

Butterfly Knife


So. Butterfly Knife. Also Butterfly Knife Brownknown as Ballisong Knife. Also known as Fan Knife. Also known as “Every bad guy in every movie knows at least one trick with it” knife.

Also you’ve probably seen it on Counter Strike GO. Also you’ve probably seen Angelina Jolie doing tricks with it.

It’s quite popular. Continue reading “Butterfly Knife”

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives origins

Knife throwing does not come from Throwing Knives SimpleJapan, as most of the guys think.

Suck it, ninja fans.

It actually comes from now unknown tribes in Africa, and was used for hunting mostly. Just some time later the Japanese began using knife throwing techniques… Continue reading “Throwing Knives”

Karambit Knife


Karambit (kurambik , karambiak) isKarambit Knife Original avery popular knife, that originated from Southeast Asia.

There’s some controversy, as where it originated from specifically, though most probable places of origin are Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Karambit as we know it now may originated from the countries listed above, but curved blade, which later became the Karambit, actually goes back to the native people of West SumatraContinue reading “Karambit Knife”

Bowie Knife


So you want to know about the James Bowielegendary Bowie knife.

Fair enough.

As it turns out, the Bowie knife is a fighting knife that was named after a guy James Bowie. This guy was living a life like a movie back in the early 19th century.

He was from Texas (no surprise there), and was a real hot-headed guy.

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Self-defence against knife attacks

First of allKnife Defense

Okay guys, let’s get serious for a minute.

We all love knives, most of you probably are knife collectors and enthusiasts just like we are. But none of us would like to face a guy, who’s pointing a sharp blade at us. So we decided to make a post about a possible self defence against knife attacks.

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